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With the help of the SMART concept, you can also easily avoid mistakes related to the wrong setting of the goal. Indicators may differ from each other, the time to achieve the goal may also be shorter or longer, but it is worth making marketing goals feasible and identical to the goals of the company. Marketing mix concept and elements Pawel Andrukiewicz July , You will read in ~ min. Marketing mix concept and elements Is there a way in marketing that will guarantee success for everyone, regardless of the products they sell and the services they offer? Unfortunately, it’s too good to be true.

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However, there are concepts that can easily organize and facilitate effective actions. One of them is the marketing mix, which has been helping companies achieve specific goals for years. What is the marketing mix? Simply put, it is a set of  elements that are worth remembering when pursuing marketing goals . Actions phone number list allows for creating effective strategies. There are several models that contain elements of the marketing mix. The first — the p concept, was developed as early as . Its most important elements were price, product, place, promotion. Over time and the development of the world, new mixes were created – described from a different perspective or with new features.

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Concepts in the marketing mix Marketing mix concepts are created from two perspectives – the company and the customer. Among the former, apart from p, we also have a marketing mix of p, enriched with further elements (people, process and physical evidence). The marketing mix described from the customer’s point of view is called c. Its area includes customer value, cost, convenience and communication. What do the individual elements mean? It is BVB Directory easiest to explain this by describing each of the concepts. Marketing mix p It is the basis to which the following assumptions refer.

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