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 Disadvantages of this system by making adjustments manually. You give up the ability to use real-time algorithmic signals. Such as time of day. Device. Or gender. If you don’t personalize your bidding for each item. You lose some effectiveness. 2. Maximize clicks and conversions once the algorithm has gathere enough signals to bid effectively. It’s time to move to an automate bidding strategy . In this case. Maximizing clicks and maximizing conversions have the same goal: getting as many actions as possible given your budget. Advantages of this system you’ll spend your entire budget to achieve clicks or conversions in record time.

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 This is very positive as this phase gives us the option to collect the necessary data for future implementation. New attack disadvantages of this Italy Phone Number Data system the problem is that it doesn’t look at the value of each conversion. But rather the total amount. So you may get a lower return on investment by getting many low-value conversions for your company. 3. Cpa target conversions are achieve on average at a specific cost . As the value can go up or down if you see an opportunity to achieve your goal . This strategy is right for your company if you want to control the cost of each conversion rather than the total number of conversions .

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 This is an interesting bidding strategy because it allows you to determine the amount of money you are willing to invest to achieve the desire action. Thereby France Whatsapp Number ensuring that every conversion achieve represents profitability for the business. The only requirements are that you nee to configure conversion tracking correctly beforehand and spend some time gathering information that the system will use later. Advantages of this system all conversions are achieve through cost control. Ensuring economic profitability. Disadvantages of this system if some keywords have very different cpas. You’ll nee to organize them by ad groups so that those keywords with lower cpas don’t get all the traffic .

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