Customer’s first point of contact with a brand or company and has a decisive impact on the customer’s first impression. The intend effect of a logo can vary widely, most importantly through color and design decisions. Therefore, it is desirable to choose a logo in such a way that it can target the correct target group and interest parties.  should be well thought out in advance. Should a trust and factual approach be prioritiz, or should a company’s creativity and dynamism be prioritiz? The effects of color or color schemes on human emotion and perception are vari. Therefore, we associate different things or emotions with different colors.

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Therefore using the right colors in your Sri Lanka Email List marketing should be consider. The Color Emotion Guide shows you how. Colors and their effects For example, blue represents security and trust in the company. It has a very stimulating effect, especially on men. collaboration as it shows productivity and simple behavior in a team. Conservative and serious are also descriptions of blue, which is why many industrial companies also use this color in their logos. Samsung and Ford logos are good examples. Both companies opt for a very simple, unifi logo. It is quiet, restrain, and cautious. With the help of logos, they convey clarity, structure and trust.

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In marketing R is often associat with fire, love and BVB Directory passion. Mainly us to mark specials and discounts. Also, r is very strong and appetizing, so restaurants like to design their logos to match the colour. For example, use logo colors to draw customers’ attention to the company. Yellow in marketing Yellow is also generally consider a color of high attention. Emotions like optimism and hope are associat with it. It also represents freom and vitality. Many companies use colors to highlight individual letters or parts of their logos.

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