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The morning and afternoon, For the first time, a further training conference will be organiz for further training managers. What awaits you there: a day dicat to continuing ucation. ucational Marketing, Methods, conference in the tower, where about-nam participants from the continuing ucation industry gather together through the presentations of speaker and the organization of organizers. The German Marketing Institute together with and organiz this day’s special networking event trainer-to-trainer exchange. Because the continuing ucation industry is characteriz by change, ucation administrators are always challeng to develop and expand knowlge.

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With a new impetus for innovation, players UK B2B List in the continuing training industry can adapt these challenges to their companies.  Bit speaker experts from all areas of the industry give in-depth insights on current topics. By dividing the subject marketing method people in terms of content, participating fellowship managers can choose lectures and thus design their own individual meeting agenda. The timetable for the further ucation congress can be found at: The unusual location is another special highlight of the event: Cologne is centrally locat as part of the Cologne city walls, built around.

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The mid-century style provides a pleasant BVB Directory atmosphere for the further ucation conference and the cozy networking that follows. You can get early-bird tickets online by . You can find out more about the Continuing ucation Conference here: ! This entry was post in Congress as of the date of . Key words: ucation tower, ucation marketing, continuing ucation, continuing ucation conference. Reminders from similar articles: Participate in this survey in the continuing ucation market for studying abroad in ! Reminder: Participate in this survey in the continuing ucation market for studying abroad in ! ucation Continuing ucation Congress ucation. Refresher Conference Advance to Next Round Refresher Conference to Next Round Contest Topic Block Continuing ucation.

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