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Learn about the regulations of Cloud Computing in Mexico

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Cloud computing, or Cloud Computing , is a topic that has been present in the landscape of digital transformation , Cybersecurity and technology in general, thanks to its ability to improve the operations of small, meium and large companies. Talk to Our Managd Services Experts for Microsoft 365 In accordance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (LFPDPPP) , Cloud Computing is a model of external provision of computing services on demand, which involves Learn about the regulations the supply of software, infrastructure or platforms that are distribute flexibly, through virtualization processes on resources that are shar dynamically. Another concept of Cloud Computing comes from the Administrative Manual of General Application on matters of information and communications

Mexican legal framework regarding cloud computing

technology and information security , which tells us that: ” cloud computing is a digital service provision model that allows “Institutions can access a catalog of standardize digital services , which can be: infrastructure as services, platform as services and software Malta Phone Number List as services .” Basically, it is any process or proceure that involves the delivery of hoste services over the Internet, and they are Learn about the regulations of three types: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS, for Infrastructure as a Service ); Software as a Service ( SaaS, for Software as a Service ); Platform as a Service ( PaaS, for Platform as a Service ). But beyond knowing what Cloud Computing is , in this post we will show you what laws there are in Mexico relatd to this topic and what its importance is. Mexican legal framework regarding cloud


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Agreements published in the DOF

computing Due to its importance and all the advantages that Cloud Computing technology provides, many governments and countries have implementd policies and legal frameworks to encourage the use of information technologies , without neglecting the privacy of  Indonesia Phone Number List individuals. Mexico is not the exception. In this sense, articles 6, 7 and 16 of the Mexican Constitution safeguard the rights to information, access to the internet and data protection. For example, article 6 was reforme as part of the Constitutional Reform on Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Economic Competition, so that access to public and government information is directly relate to accountability and transparency. The article in question states that the manifestation of ideas, with the exception of those that attack the private life or rights of third parties, morality, disturb public order or provoke a crime


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