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Cloud Computing regulations in Colombia

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Cloud Computing in Colombia is regulated by various regulations that establish the rules and principles to guarantee the privacy and security of the hosted data, considering that the commercial environment is increasingly dependent on digital processes and new technologies . Talk to Our Managed Services Experts for Microsoft Azure It is a technology that allows you to access applications, end-user data and services over the Internet without having to have them physically stored on a computer. It has become popular in recent years due to its flexibility and scalability , which has allowed companies to adapt to market demands more efficiently. However, its implementation must be careful and in

What is Cloud Com puting according to the law?

accordance with the standards established in current legislation. Below, we present some of the key points and laws of interest in relation to Cloud Computing or cloud computing in Colombia and its Kuwait Phone Number List importance in the Cybersecurity of your business . The Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC) defines Cloud Computing as a modality of providing information technology services , which allows access to shared computing resources over the Internet . In addition, it allows resources to be scalable according to the user’s needs. Cloud solutions (whether public cloud , private cloud or hybrid cloud ) can be provided through different schemes,


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Laws on Cloud Computing in Colombia

such as software as a service ( SaaS ) , platform as a service ( PaaS ) or infrastructure as a service ( IaaS , for Infrastructure as a Service). There are various laws and regulations that regulate privacy and data protection in Colombia, both in Bogotá and its provinces, which India Phone Number List is why they also influence the use of the cloud. In addition to evaluating the quality of the service , the storage capacity of the data center and other technical aspects of the cloud provider , it is important to assess that the provider ‘s business model and service scheme allows you to comply with current regulations in Colombia. Some of the laws to consider, when doing this analysis of the service provider and the work scheme, are the following. Statutory Law 1581 of 2012: Establishes the general regime for the protection of personal data and regulates its treatment, storage, use and circulation.



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