Consumers by definition are all of us he said at the time, becoming a fundamental milestone in so-called consumer rights and causing great impact around the world. In Brazil, the celebration has been gaining strength, as more and more Brazilians are becoming aware of the importance of this date and making it the most important for the first quarter of the year in commerce .Where before taking this proportion, it went through a hiatus of a few months between Christmas and Mother’s Day.

However, with an growth in

purchasing intentions during this period and 113% in searches Northeast Mobile Number List for the event, Consumer Day is becoming a kind of Black Friday . Where merchants launch promotions for an entire week. One of the startups in the District is Eu Amo Coupons, a platform that offers 100% free discount coupons in more than a thousand online stores, which will certainly take advantage of Consumer Week to launch promotions and optimize sales.

The discount coupon market

runs in parallel with e-commerce, so . Eu Amo Coupons New Zealand Phone Number List will piggyback on the marketing actions that companies carry out for these dates. The result is that increasing demand for our partner stores, consequently increases demand for coupons. The average increase in visits to our website during consumer week over the last 3 years is 30%. For this year, the expectation is to reach at least 40% more visitors” , says Rogério Vairo, founder of Eu Amo Cupons.

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