In Personnel Selection In addition to professional knowlge, an applicant’s soft skills play an important role in the application process. Use the isocharacter module so that Professionals can better assess an applicant’s character. In his webinar, Prof. Dr. shows how professionals can use and benefit from the model in a professional setting.  be found here. The free webinar will be held from the morning to the afternoon. To attend the webinar on staffing, please register here: NOTE: Seats are limit. Register now for free.

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This entry was post in General, , Webinar as of / / . Keywords: , model, , personnel selection. Marketing Manager and Brand Management The Art Barbados Email List of Target Brand DevelopmentYour ContactAsk us to support companies with seminars, training courses,  How can we help you? why? Briefly tell us what it’s about. This makes it easier for us to assign you the right contact. COMPANY Enter your business name here Name enter your name here Phone enter your phone number here Desir Callback Time Here you can tell us when we can call you between AM and : Best Get in touch by phone. Email Enter your email address hereAbout the Fall Webinar: Staff SelectionCommentsDate Monthly Evening: Marketing Blog.

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Fall Webinar:Marketing Blog: Fall Webinar. Free BVB Directory Webinar on Personnel Selection. We look forward to your participation and hope you enjoy our webinar Company First Steps. International German Training Award award to the German Marketing Institute Congratulations to its sister company for winning the International German Training Bronze Award The professional association of trainers, consultants and coaches has been rewarding the highest quality training concepts that also focus on participant orientation and innovative pagogy since . The covet award was won for the expertise provid by the Entrepreneur Seminar for future bosses with the training concept for future.

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