To put it into context, a cryptocurrency is a type of virtual currency based on blockchain technology . The latter refers to a series of technologies that facilitate the recording of transactions and tracking of assets on a network, as if it were an accounting book. Due to the complexity of its operation, today we can find many supposed experts or advisors who teach how to invest in cryptocurrencies, thus growing what is known as the crypto brothers community . There are also many types of cryptocurrencies , which do not belong to any specific country and their value is highly variable . In fact, the market for buying, selling or trading cryptocurrencies is open every day of the year . That is why, due to its volatility and lack of control by governments, central banks or financial institutions, investing in cryptocurrencies can.

Cryptocurrency scams the importance of investing safely

As we said at the beginning, the cryptocurrency stock market has grown like wildfire, but its volatility has caused the massive fall in the value of some cryptocurrencies , such as Jordan Phone Numbers Bitcoin or Ethereum. In addition, due to the craze for making easy money through these, many people have been involved in fraud or scams . Just earlier this year, the Civil Guard arrested one of Europe’s biggest cryptocurrency scammers . The detainee created a supposed platform for investing in cryptocurrencies and made it known through forums, events and programs. He was charged with seven crimes of fraud and money laundering, totaling two million euros blocked. Likewise, a few days ago a mega-scam involving the use of cryptocurrencies came to light, with thousands of victims affected since 2016.

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The fraud which occurred at a

European level, reached 50 million euros. The criminal organisation also managed to get victims to invest in platforms controlled by its members. Who presented themselves as stockbrokers . Study Esneca’s master’s degrees and computer science courses. Safe platforms to invest in cryptocurrencies Mexico Phone Number List and without scams. To avoid scams and invest safely in cryptocurrencies. It is necessary to access a platform or broker that has a series of characteristics. Which are: Official license: FCA, CySec, CNMV. Trading with unregulated exchanges means taking a very high risk of falling victim to fraud or scam. Tradable tokens : platforms that offer the opportunity to exchange tokens, such as NFTs (digital art). Availability of CFD contracts for investing : CFD contracts allow users to earn profits when the price of a cryptocurrency falls.

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