Idealist the generation trusts businesses that demonstrate ethics, and cares about the origin of the food they consume, the clothes they wear, in short, the products they buy in general. The preference is for brands that offer organic alternatives, free from animal suffering and sensitive to issues related to the environment. Companies, of course, have noticed this consumer trend, investing in reaching the millennial public with products and services that meet their demands.

The internet and social

Networks are essential channels for reaching Kuwait Mobile Number List these connected young people. Do you want to stay up to date with the main news and trends in open innovation? Subscribe to our newsletters! Old and young millennials Of course, millennials are not all the same — after all, we are talking about a period of time of more than 15 years, and a lot has changed in that time. This is why it is customary to divide the generation into two parts: the old and the young millennials.

The first, born in the

Lived part of their childhood and adolescence Mexico Phone Number List without access to the internet, and were surprised by the economic crisis of the The second group, born in the 1990s, was marked by the emergence of the smartphone, grew up connected and met the world in times of economic fragility. Therefore, they are more critical when it comes to finances. What about generation Z? Also called centennial, generation Z was born from 1995 tond grew up in a hyperconnected world.

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