In their personal lives millennials tend to leave their parents’ home and get married later than previous generations. Many also point to the generation as narcissistic and with the habit of . Spending more than saving. But, leaving the controversies aside, one thing is certain: millennials have revolutionized — and continue to revolutionize — the world of work. This is because you will rarely see a millennial sacrificing everything for the sake of their career.

Concerned about balancing

work and personal life and, of course . Having Czech Republic Mobile Number List leisure time, these young people go out of their way to do a little bit of all of this. Hence the need for flexible working hours and startups that look more like an amusement park, with games . Leisure and rest spaces, happy hour with free beer. A good millennial will try to make a difference, often using the technology they are so familiar with to do so.

Because of this, in fact,

it is easy to find startups created by millennials that Malaysia Phone Number List seek to solve problems in the traditional world that were not solved by previous generations. If it’s through an app, even better Find out more: What is it like to work at a startup? Know the advantages and disadvantages Attracting and retaining millennials, for these reasons, requires giving them freedom to work, and giving up rigid rules and micromanagement.

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