learn how to control overweight and obesity. To do so, the importance of self-care and family support in managing this condition is . This free course is creat and taught by the National Autonomous University of Mexico . In it, you will study the true value of food as a companion in your life, with the goal of getting rid of extra pounds and learning healthy habits . Who is the weight control course for. This course is aim at anyone interest in avoiding, managing and controlling overweight and obesity .

For those who suffer from these

conditions, as well as for their caregivers, or simply for those who want to avoid being in this situation. Therefore. It may be of special interest to those who study or work in the areas of nutrition and health . To participate in the Switzerland Phone Number Data  course. It is not necessary to have prior knowlge of the topics to be covere. What you will nee is a computer or other device with a stable Internet connection to be able to access all the course content online . What will you learn in the weight control course . Taught by Professor Juan Luis Carrillo Toscano, this course lasts 4 weeks with a total dedication of about 10 hours to complete.

Throughout the course you will

have all the materials and resources necessary for your training. You will learn tools to avoid, manage and control overweight and obesity, highlighting the importance of self-care and family support in managing this condition. The Vietnam Phone Number List  objective of the course is to show the true value of food as a life partner. To keep away from extra pounds and build healthy habits that will mark a path of lasting. Health for those who are overweight. The topics to be covere throughout the course are. Introduction to the world of overweight and obesity Risks and problems associate with overweight and obesity .

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