First they will accompany the practicing professional in each area, then they will begin to intervene under the supervision of the latter, and will progressively develop their own agenda” of patients and visits. Of course, there will always be supervision or guidance from the professional in charge of the area or the residency tutor. Caro particularly highlighted the “life experience” nature of this professional option, as it involves many different profiles of people: students in training (a “learning family”), other active professionals who “accompany and guide”, as well as tutors and their fundamental “mothering” role.

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The freely chosen rotation period allows you to choose a health centre anywhere in the world: three or four months with a salary in Phone Number List Sydney, New York, Buenos Aires, Senegal… “It is a very important experience of vital growth,” continued the UDIMA professor. In addition to a professional experience that touches on multiple experts and subjects, “to create our own toolkit” as clinical psychology professionals.“I have anxiety about food”; “if I eat chocolate, just one piece, because otherwise I don’t know how to stop with a diet this goes away it’s not that bad.

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With other eating disorders but that is the problem, they are confused, and with it also the way to address them. This confusion, this Mexico Phone Number List lack of knowledge, is what hides behind many cases of binge eating disorder a pathology that seems “second-rate”, and that requires eliminating more myths than calories to overcome it. The psychologist Cristina Andrades (specialised in positive discipline on TCAs and personality eating disorders) was the protagonist of the second session of the UDIMA psychology conference cycle with the firm intention of clarifying concepts and dispelling false ideas about binge eating disorder.

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