Here are a few examples of calculating SEO ROI for stakeholders, beginning with ecommerce: Ecommerce SEO ROI Forecast Organic Monthly Traffic (based on industry average CTR of 6%) 6,000 Ecommerce Conversion Rate (conversion rate milestone within 6 months) 2% Average Order Value EUR 1,290 Operational Costs EUR 18,000 Monthly Sales from Traffic 120 Cost Per Sale 150 EUR Estimated Monthly Revenue from Sales from Traffic 154,800 EUR ROI 760% So whether you’ve used SEOmonitor or have estimated an organic traffic growth milestone, add that data to a table like this.

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Compared with the average order value (AOV) for their products, this SEO investment is super worth it! Dig deeper: Use this SEO forecasting template to gain insights Step 2:  enough DB to Data resources by forecasting results Use your forecast to try and determine how many resources you’ll need compared to how much ROI you’ll generate. When you show an estimate of the ROI, management is much more likely to give you the resources you need to do SEO well, including a full team and the tech required. And when you have those crucial resources, you’ll be able to generate results more quickly.

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You establish product-market fit by reviewing whether your target audience needs your product or service. In the context of SEO, they actively search for your product or service – or at BVB Directory least related topics. You’ll also want to check to see if there’s enough search volume around these topics to generate ROI for the investment in SEO. You can use SEOmonitor to forecast the results you can expect. To give you an idea, here’s a quick example I created for an ecommerce company that wants to expand into Germany. I checked the SEO impact of optimizing and localizing 30 primary product category pages: changes impact traffic These pages would generate 312,000 more organic traffic to their website and over 30,000 additional conversions within a year once content is live and ranking.

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