Security mode applications are developed, among other things, to ensure the safety of property and the users themselves (cars, motorcycles, scooters, scooters, pets, elderly relatives, children, etc.) using satellite tracking technology. To understand the importance of this task, we are also guided by available statistics. For example, if we take just one aspect of this problem—car theft. Therefore, there were over 1 million reported car thefts in the united states in 2022 . In 2019, there were 505,100 car thefts in the eu. Moreover, the detection rate of such crimes depends on the time and how quickly the theft was discovered.

Security mode is a feature that allows

If a theft was reported in the first 24 hours, in 2022 the likelihood of Consumer Mobile Number Database cars being returned to their. Therefore, owners on the same day was 34 percent. And today we will talk about the capabilities of our applications, which allow you to instantly track. The entry and exit of a user object from predefined boundaries. 100 m. As soon as the object crosses the specified boundaries, the user will receive a notification. Therefore, to activate the security mode, simply click the corresponding button in the quick access panel . When security mode is activated, you will receive notifications if your subject leaves the specified area, and the corresponding icon in the quick access toolbar will turn red. Don’t forget to turn off the security mode by clicking on the corresponding icon after receiving a notification or when the mode itself is no longer needed. 

The car's engine will be automatically locked

If it is important for you to know when your subject enters, is inside or leaves a certain area, then this function is BVB Directory for you, because. The application will send you a notification about entering and leaving the zone. In addition, the forguard application command panel has added the ability to configure event actions (such as engine locking. Therefore, door locking and other commands for your gps tracker ) for various events, including entering or leaving a geofence . If such a setting is made, then in the event of a car theft, for example, when leaving a geofence, it will stop driving. The car’s engine will be automatically locked, which will prevent it from being stolen. Geofences can be created in the form of a circle, rectangle or polygon with a paid subscription) also. Therefore, when creating a geofence, .

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