Split your Sales Navigator Sales Navigator Team Link TeamLink is one of the Sales Navigator features that allow you to lets you view your team’s connections. TeamLink uses the power of your entire network to help you find the best way to connect with a prospect by showing you, on the team account, your colleagues that who have a st relationship level with the prospect. Having a connection in common makes linkin outreach way easier.

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You can easily see who is in a position to help you seo expate bd connect with potential prospects and introduce yourself. sales navigator teamlink When you’ll make a search on Sales Navigator, a new “Leads with TeamLink intro” will appear teamlink feature sales navigator team If you click on “TeamLink Introduction”, you’ll be able to see which member of your team can get you an intro to your prospect . Sales Navigator Team Smart Links Smart Links allows creating Sales presentation aggregating files and website, and then easily share and track how your prospects interact with your linkin prospecting messages. To create a smart link, you just ne to upload a few websites and content you.

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Prospects copy-past sales navigator BVB Directory smartlink Once your smart link is creat, Linkin will create “PowerPoint” like presentation with the website and content you upload. smarlink sales navigator Want to know how to generate lead with Smart Links? Check our complete smart links guide . Sync your CRM with your Sales Navigator Team If you use Salesforce, you can sync accounts that you own. There’s also a CRM widget for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. That’s a handy feature for reps who lean heavily on LinkIn — within your CRM, you can: browse profiles see company information send InMails use TeamLink connections get recommend leads. Sales Navigator also integrates with HubSpot, Infer CRM, and Zoho. 

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