The story of MiiN Cosmetics is one of those that reap success for a job well done. Founded four years ago, the project began in a small the future of store in Barcelona. Today, it distributes its products throughout Europe, it has 4 stores in Spain and another two in Munich and Milan . We spoke with Yang, CEO of Cosmetics; Juan , People Operations Manager, and , Beauty Advisor. The evolution of Cosmetics “I had always liked to bring cosmetics from Korea, not from Europe,” explains Yang, CEO of the project, who remembers when they started with a small store on Pau Claris Street in Barcelona. «That store is still very successful. People already know us and we have loyal customers who come and already know what they want,” explains Yang. According to Yang, the goal of Cosmetics is to break barriers. “Makeup is for men and women,” she says. «People have to get used to taking time to be happy with themselves.

Factorial and MiiN Cosmetics

However, the optimization of Human Resources has been key in the future of talent management at MiiN. “As an HR manager, Factorial is the tool I use the most,” details Fax Lists Pedraz, head of People Operations. Managing the teams of a project like can become a complicated task. By having stores spread across Europe and Spain, unifying certain processes can make an important difference in people management . That’s where Factorial came in. “I started the HR department from scratch and after this year and a half it has taken a stronger shape.” remembers . He adds. «Little by little I was pulling the thread and dumped all the information we had inside it. Factorial helps me absolutely in everything «, He concludes.

The future of makeup

MiiN Cosmetics began as a makeup seller and currently produces its own products, while also serving. As a supplier to small businesses that cannot afford to buy from international suppliers. Its line of business is divided into online sales and the six physical stores it has spread across the BVB Directory continent. However, in each country they have an advisor, since there are issues that will vary depending on the country’s legislation such as legal clauses and taxes, among others. has been Beauty Advisor at for seven months. As the worker explains, she has used Factorial since she joined the team. «I signed the first contract with Factorial. It gives me security and comfort says. “I’m not worried about leaving documents at home or losing them,” she says.

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