Form of the survey. Determine whether the test should be highly standardiz, partially standardiz, or non-standardiz. Depending on the definition of the content of the relevant question and the assign survey strategy, the form of the question and the corresponding answer options must be decid. We also always work closely with you during this step to coordinate the final questionnaire. The German Marketing Institute conducts secondary research using existing data and conducts primary research through target and systematic collection of research data.

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Data collection in market research  research Sierra Leone Email List design (design phase), the so-call fieldwork is carri out, where we organize and carry out the actual data collection according to the survey plan. Various data collection methods provide a large . In market research, the research phase is often the most time-consuming. On average, on-site work requires more than the available hours. Therefore, plan the timing of the investigation phase as accurately as possible in advance. In the case of telephone and personal interviews, we are guid by the number and average duration of plann interviews.

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In the case of written and online surveys, the BVB Directory duration of the survey phase is determin by defining a submission or return date, thus allowing a certain amount of time for any follow-up. Secondary research If data are us to obtain information already available at an earlier point in time and for other similar purposes, it is secondary research.¬† the search, collection, processing and evaluation of existing data from all aspects of the problem at hand. Since in this case no new data is collect through surveys etc., but instead the collection of information is limit to the analysis of existing data, the term desk research has become synonymous. Both internal and external resources are us for secondary research. Internal sources can be documents from cost and performance accounting, production and storage statistics, complaints systems or your company’s target groups.

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