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In the minds of observers, a specific, symbolic image is create. Scientists have define areas that have a particularly strong impact on the formation of brand identity: internal – emanating from the organization: culture, personality and values, external – experience by the consumer: product, symbols, relations. Not all areas shape brand identity with equal strength. In the new technology market, the strongest identity impulse comes from the product, because innovation is the most exciting there. On the other hand, in the world of traditional consumer goods, the personality and values ​​of the brand are the strongest.

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The visual side of the brand The process of building identity also involves consideration of visual issues. This is logo design , selection of guiding colors, fonts. These are the company’s hallmarks, guaranteeing brand recognition . It is not without database reason that it is said that “when they see you, that’s how they write you”. It is worth remembering when creating a visual identity for the brand. Identification elements must be consistent, logical, unique in their own way. For a brand to become recognizable, it must have a personality. You have to attribute intangible qualities to it. Give a human face. Create a slogan, vision, culture, values ​​- elements that will make it stand out.


Independent And Impartial Person

The last stage of building a brand identity is promotion. A good strategy that will bring the expecte results is the one that is well thought out, tailore to the target group, base on communication and creibility. It should assume long-term BVB Directory development. At the beginning, it is worth using proven ways to reach customers. You can experiment a bit later. A helpful marketing tool is the ambassador program. A company ambassador is a truste person who identifies with the brand, likes it and has a good opinion about it. Her task is to create a positive image of the brand outside.

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