That you can use in your marketing strategies. If you want to know more keep reading. Sergio castaƱa psychologt and master in consumer psychology. Shares with us a summariz version of the psychological process in the act of consumption and. What happens in the consumer’s mind step by step. Theories of human behavior in behavioral psychology. One of the many perspectives of understanding human behavior studi and in th it said that we can only generate. Changes in people by knowing their individual reality. Some theories say that the brain a system. Made up of different processes and works as a whole.

Towards building the buyer persona of your brand

That to understand its parts we have to understand the whole and that. These parts ne to work together to generate a purchase intention or an approach to buying. A mark. Burrhus frerick skinner one of the main exponents of classical psychology and behavioral mobile app designs service psychology us to say that people spoke about the mind without hesitation but that they did not know how to define it. In h research skinner focus on answering the following the mind the brain and if the brain the mind how can we locate the place in the brain where we find the mechanm of paying attention or emotions the question persts it an unresolv mystery.

Stages for creating the buyer persona of

What the mind how it defin and how can it be understood theoretical advances explain some of the mechanms that generate consumer behavior BVB Directory understanding consumption as the act of buying something consuming content such as a video or sharing an idea or a state on social networks among others. The cognitive theory the one with the most advances in explaining some phenomena of human behavior and it the one that thinks of the brain as if it were a computer.

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