The Polish Tourist Voucher was valid until

The Polish Tourist Voucher was valid until If you’re lucky, an office worker will present you with internship offers. If he doesn’t do this, he clearly didn’t find anything matching your ucation and skills on your CV . In such a case, it is better to find a company that will agree to accept you for an internship and then report this fact to the employment office. This is a very good solution – you choose the company that suits you, and after “checking” your key competencies, the employer may employ you permanently. Detail information on applying for an internship from the employment office can be found in the regulation dat August 20, 2009 on detail conditions for internships for the unemploy .

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Also familiarize yourself with the regulations of your employment office – PUP units have some freom in determining the internship rules. You don’t ne to have experience writing a CV. In the LiveCareer CV creator you will find ready-made content for any industry and position, which you can insert in your CV with one click. cv creator Are you looking for free CV creators ? See how to create a CV on the PUP website . And before that, check how to write a CV for an internship or internship . 3. Can I resign from DB to Data an internship from the employment office? Yes. However, you will have to provide the official with the reason for the decision to end the internship from the employment office.

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Resigning without cause will deprive you of your unemployment status (and the benefits associat with it) for 120, 180 or 270 days – depending on BVB Directory which one you have already resign. Resignation from an internship at the employment office without consequences is possible in the following cases: when you get another job – then you just ne to resign from the internship and sign a contract with another employer if the internship does not meet your expectations (e.g. you were suppos to be an accountant but you make coffee) – in such a situation, you can file a complaint against the employer, and when the PUP positively considers it,

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