Will help you create different nutrigenomic strategies to combat this condition. Personalized nutritional strategies. Are built thanks to the combination. Af tools that the field of nutrigenomics provides. One of the reasons for taking this course is that it facilitates the generation of innovative proposals that favor the prevention and treatment of obesity . In addition. It does so by taking into account the possible interactions between genes and nutrients. Learn to combine genetic. Information on obesity predisposition. With nutritional factors that interact with the human genome.

In this way, you will be able

Create nutritional proposals that favor the prevention and treatment of obesity. This is a free course created by the Autonomous University of Mexico City and taught through Académica, the interactive platform promot by Israel Phone Number Data  TELMEX that partners with higher.  Ucation institutions and international. Research centers. It seeks to gather valuable ucational. Content and is committed to making this knowlge. Accessible to all those interest in learning and enhancing their skills.

Who is this course on nutrition

Against obesity aimed at? The course has been creat especially for all those interested in dietetics, health and nutrition . Among them, students and young people who want to learn how to consciously choose their daily foods and Mexico Phone Number List  cook with them in a healthy way. To take the course, you do not nee to have any prior knowlge of the topics cover. What you will ne is a computer with a stable Internet connection to be able to access all the content. Also. You don’t nee to have a good level of languages.  Since the course is taught. Entirely in Spanish.
What will you learn in the course on nutrition against obesity? The course is divided into 4 modules and is taught by expert instructors in the field. It lasts 20 hours in total, although each of the modules has a different length. As it is 100% online, you can start whenever you want and do it at your own pace . At the end, you will receive an evaluation of what you have learned.

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