If the task is long or extensive, it is better to use milestones. These Very often during are points where the team “checks the clock” and understands whether they are moving in the right direction. That require the approval of the task manager. They entail adjustments to deadlines or points of effort.

Summarize the results

Controlling the work is as important as doing it. And here the main thing is to stick to the C Level Contact List rules. Automated systems are good because they discipline employees and allow you to implement the consistency that any manager dreams of. Controls can be put on an assembly line, freeing time for strategic tasks and the head for new ideas. However, there are some things that require a willful effort before they become a habit. Record in writing the tasks talked about. Tasks in your head are tasks not completed in perspective. Make sure the employee has accepted and correctly understood the task: ask clarifying questions and answer yourself. Monitor intermediate outcomes to see if the task is moving in the right direction. Monitor the work on a regular basis. Automate workflow and reporting.


C Level Contact List

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