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What is a SOC: Is it better to create or hire one?

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Understanding what a SOC ( Security Operations Center ) is should be one of your priorities when designing your company’s security strategy. This solution centralizes essential security processes, providing your organization with comprehensive threat detection and protection measures at all times. Talk to our Managed Cybersecurity Services experts Whether you need to protect a network, a building, a location, or a team of people, a SOC is a huge help. Now, is it better to outsource it or create one internally? In the following lines we analyze this concept in depth so that you can make the right decision for your company. What is a SOC ? A SOC or Security Operations Center refers to the tools, equipment and human resources , methodology and technology used to address possible threats that affect a company’s local and cloud infrastructure. This is a convenient and cost-effective option for organizations,

Outsourcing vs. internal creation of a SOC

aimed at identifying and responding to potential computer security problems , from cyberattacks that have been trending in recent years , such as data hijacking ( ransomware ) and identity theft ( phishing ), to Cybersecurity incidents caused by fraud and internal Uganda Phone Number List complicity. For organizations, there are two possible approaches to having a Cybersecurity Operations Center : create it themselves or outsource it. Identifying the best way to deploy this solution is the first step to building a long-term, broad-impact strategy . Outsourcing is a reasonable way to monitor network alerts and typically involves hiring a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) to analyze these alerts for potential malicious behavior to rule out those that are not and Report those that are harmful. In the case of internal development, the main benefits are the agility of communication.

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Outsourced SOC : Advantages and Disadvantages

and the construction of a robust infrastructure in terms of security. Next, we delve into the analysis of each alternative. At this point we must analyze the practicality of this option, but also assess Latvia Phone Number List possible limitations of the service of external providers. Advantages of an outsourced SOC Among the main ones, the following stand out: I. Expert security operations and qualified personnel When you hire professional security operators, you are paying for a team of the highest quality industry experts. Teams where each member brings a different but essential set of skills, and all have knowledge in areas of Cybersecurity in which their collaborators may lack experience. II. Infrastructure SOC providers have the tools and infrastructure to get the job done effectively, saving you time and money. III. Collaboration Outsourcing an entire SOC team ensures that


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