What jobs can be done in wage portage?

What is salary portage and what are its main advantages? Wage portage is defined as a tripartite contractual relationship between the employee, a so-called umbrella company and the client. Simply put, it is a form of employment halfway between employee and entrepreneur. It allows any individual consultant to develop their professional activities while benefiting from the advantages of employee status. The first advantage of this new form of employment is, undoubtedly, that it is not necessary to create a status. Supported employees can carry out their activities in complete peace of mind without having to declare any company

Consultants are freed from all

administrative tasks. As the umbrella company takes care of taxation, administration and accounting, the umbrella employee can concentrate fully on the execution of the work and the development of the activity. Finally, covered employees benefit  TG TO DATA from complete social security protection, just like other employees. They are therefore entitled, like ordinary workers , to paid leave, unemployment insurance, retirement contributions, as well as reimbursement of medical expenses. The main areas of activity in wage portage There is a wide variety of jobs that can be done through wage portage. The main ones are as follows: IT professions The professions of computer engineer. Developer, internet and multimedia engineer, network and telecommunications engineer, network architect are most often

Carried out through salary portage

Communication professions Communications consultants work in a wide range of fields, and some of these professionals turn to PEO to. Human resources (HR) professions HR professions include activities related to recruitment, educational technology, professional development, and skills management . They can therefore easily be carried out in salary portage. Marketing BVB Directory and  Finance Professions Marketing and finance are areas particularly well represented in salary portage. Indeed, the status of supported employee allows consultants and other professionals in these fields to offer their services to clients and   specialist 

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