Time here you can tell us we’d better be in the morning You will be reach by phone between pm and pm. EmailEnter Your Email Address HereLeave a Comment on Webinar Marketing for Trainers, Consultants & Coaches Research Findings /  Day PM : Dates and years of field workshops provide you with further training in marketing You never stop learning. You learn all your life. expand field of view. These are proverbs that we often hear in our lives. In fact, continuing ucation for potential and new marketers is quite important.

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Even veterans of the marketing world shouldn’t rest on their laurels, some have proven themselves but are old marketing techniques. Marketing ucation is Cameroon Email List important because the development of the market requires permanent further learning. decide to pursue further marketing training in private, to break new ground, you stick to your current marketing skills for work reasons, or you are new to marketing – seminars for everyone interest in marketing . Improve your personal satisfaction by acquiring knowlge that you can pass on to others, and increase your job opportunities by making you interesting to future employers through further marketing training.  by booking one of our different seminars – including a new one this year – to think about your personal and professional future.

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Our seminars where you can learn from our BVB Directory experts, last from one to three days and take place in three different locations – Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart. All seminars can be partly fund by state subsidies, such as ucation checks or the Hamburg ucation bonus. How many times have you recently made up your mind to do something without realizing it? Start your marketing ucation today. Make your projects binding and secure your job security, promotion opportunities or your personal challenges. @ : Write it down, it’s Monday. ://. / and an ucation voucher Your contact request The last certification of..

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