It’s true, people read texts online (and a lot). But they have particular habits when it comes to scrolling through text in digital format. Yes, maybe it shouldn’t be called reading at all. It flows fast . Users of a site, blog, Facebook page or Instagram post rarely read all of the textual content. From start to finish. Many times I also read texts on the web like this. I imagine you do too. Calm! It’s all normal . We just developed what neuroscientists call instant gratification . It’s as if we humans are programmed to want things, and to want them now. And with writing for the web this need has become obsessive. Furthermore, online we find millions of articles and texts competing with each other. They bump shoulders with whoever enters our minds first.

On the other hand, writing for the web has a single purpose:

Attract the reader’s attention. If you want to be read on the web, it is essential that you know how to write for the web. But it’s not just this. Writing texts for sites and blogs, articles, titles, captions and paragraphs is an activity closely linked to generosity and empathy . The secret to copywriting lies in discovering and investigating the reader’s  Telegram Number Database needs and requirements. What it means to write for the web Online writing is not comparable to other types of writing. Novels Articles for the printed paper Insights for a magazine Dialogues for a radio or television commercial Writing for the web means knowing, learning and following the rules of digital communication . Copywriting, blogging, writing texts for company websites or micro-copy for user navigation. Writing for digital communication requires in-depth knowledge of the MEDIUM on which the text is published.

It's not enough to know how to use

A blog editor or any other online writing program to be able to say ” I know how to write for the web “. It’s a bit like running a restaurant : you have to serve the right audience with the right flow. And hit their palate without spoiling the meal! Why is it so important to know how to write for the web today? As Luisa Carrada states, For a long time, writing BVB Directory was the true Cinderella of the Internet. Squeezed on one side by programming and technique, on the other by the dominance of graphics. Yet learning to write for the web is particularly important and urgent. Because, once the euphoria for the novelty of the medium has passed, today on the Internet we are looking above all for content. And then because.

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