Can still work hard on the findability of the website. Disappointingly, we were only able to get a bronze mal in our ranking, so we are in third place. , coming last in our comparison. Reasons for this include that the company does not have an account and the channel only has multiple subscribers. The site also has room for improvement in terms of its online presence. It’s a pity, especially at Christmas time, as the store is hard to find, so some of the gifts were likely bought from competitors. The store certainly has some potential in the field.

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It’s also worth noting that , and don’t include Gambia Email List any social mia buttons on their website homepages. Links to individual channels can only Be found in the footer.  own blog and pages. and are exclud. There is also a lack of buttons on the start page, probably due to the fact that this channel is not us as frequently as all other social mia channels. The use of social mia channels also varies across all stores. Being tech-orient, and especially using video in its posts, this certainly fits perfectly into its portfolio. Still, they are different. For example.

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Cyberport uses a very personal, humorous approach BVB Directory to dealing with customers and repeatly gives users insight into the world of its employees and the company. , on the other hand, relies heavily on contests, which are especially popular during calendar. Regarding posts, it’s also worth noting that and almost only publish extremely short posts. Now, this takes the form of a headline or a sentence decorat with an image or link. Use a title-like title, in capital letters, and at most a short sentence with a picture or link below it. However, there is also a factor of the store’s increasing use of topically appropriate.

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