German Marketing Association is celebrating with a huge raffle: Free Tickets to the Cologne Marketing Days will be held You only ne one to send the subject as a free ticket email and your contact details to email address. We will draw one winner from all entries. Grab the opportunity to experience exciting lectures, fun networking and great catering in a unique location. For information about Marketing Days in Cologne, please visit Good luck to all involv.

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Legal process exclud Anyone. Who doesn’t Tuvalu Email List want to take their. Chances can get tickets directly at. This article was publish on Exciting Insights. Sales Speakers This is the final part of our series of interviews with. Speakers at Marketing Days Cologne. Mr. from will be speaking on the following topics on the st of : Travel Online and Offline Sales Successfully Marri questions:  Co-Owner and Managing Director sales, has been a professional and quality supplier in Portugal and Southern Europe for many years. Our motto is to only offer our clients the kind of vacations we would do ourselves. Her presentation revolv around the theme of the successful complementarity of online and offline travel sales. What can we expect.

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In an interesting lecture. I would like to present BVB Directory the current state of travel sales and reflect developments with examples. We’re all travel consumers, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. What do you think are the  this year? . Do you already have a tip for us? Do you want to reveal? The professional industry, the regular travel agency, is more valuable than we as travel consumers realize. Proper hotel tipping and a good fish shack on the beach are known only to true travel experts What are you most.

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