Posts related to the event garnered about 800 likes and 50 comments, higher than usual for Gillette. Why does it work? The event managed to touch on an extremely relevant and widely discussed issue. It juxtaposes the former Gillette brand with the new one, showing a willingness to change. At the same time, it was controversial – some people disagreed with the short film’s portrayal of men and found it offensive. They even started the boycottgillette label. However, it only accounts for about 35% of all conversations around the campaign on social media. 3 BuzzFeed x Friskies: Dear Kitty youtue/G4Sn91t1V4g?list=PLjOOOimqrP11G5-fkPctDoQZvFQIuhHIq When: 2016 Event Outline: If there’s one thing netizens love most, it’s cat videos. with their “Dear Kitten” video, in which an older house cat teaches a kitten how to be a cat. Stats.

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The 12 follow-up videos each had more than 3 million views. The campaign sparked a TikTok parody, with the hashtag DearKitten garnering more than 3.6 million views. Why does it work? You don’t have to have a genius insight into the human Latest Mailing Database psyche to understand why this movement has been so successful. It has cute cats and a funny script. 4 Apple: The iPhone Challenge When: 2015 Event Outline: The world’s most popular smartphone maker, Apple takes great pride in the quality of the images captured by its devices. To highlight the amazing photos it can take.

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IPhone users to “capture small things in a big way.” Photographers are then invited to share their photos on Facebook and other social media sites using the ShotOniPhone hashtag. A panel of judges then selects 10 winners from tens of thousands of entries, which then appear on Apple’s website, the company’s and more than 10,000 billboards BVB Directory in 25 countries. Since then, it has become an annual event for the brand. The numbers: Over 6.5 billion impressions in the first round of campaign. It was mentioned by 24,000 influencers with a 95% positive review rate. Why does it work? User-generated content (UGC) is a low-investment way for businesses to promote their brand on social media, but that’s not why this campaign is successful.