Training to make yourself happy means not suffering if we feel that we are a person who easily suffers. We should be careful of our own thoughts, practice looking at ourselves. Looking at people, and looking at the world objectively without leaning towards the negative side. If we feel like we are a person who is difficult to be happy We should learn how to enjoy happiness. Practice seeing the beautiful world And be happy with small things until it becomes a habit, resulting in overall happiness in life. It will happen on March 20th every year. The United Nations invites all countries to celebrate International Day of Happiness. The goal is to remember the happiness based on humanity. And promote sustainable happiness for oneself and others. This year, the Department of Mental Health will organize campaign activities.

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Which is an exhibition to provide knowledge about happiness. Emphasis is placed on allowing people to participate in conveying how to create their own happiness to those around them. In addition, the Health also organizes a video clip contest. And a short message under the topic “Happy no loss” this April. To create awareness about creating more happiness in the public sector as well. Director-General of the Department of Mental Health continued that Phone Number List the second issue is to reduce losses from stress. Mental health problems and the problem of suicide which in the past was found. The number of suicides rose in March and April, exceeding 400. While in other months there were more than 300, for groups at higher risk of suicide than the general population. There are 5 groups that people need to help watch out for: 1. Patients with certain psychiatric diseases, such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia.

Groups of patients with chronic diseases

The cause suffering or severe symptoms, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. As we now know, there are often news stories about deaths by suicide. Both through various media and social media Causing more awareness of BVB Directory this issue in society. The Department of Mental Health has been collecting information, following up, and monitoring various events. that occurred during this period closely. In addition. The Health has increased public relations through various channels. both mainstream media and through the social media of the Health itself. A social media campaign was created called “I am here, we still have us” to create a trend of helping those around us who are at risk.

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