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Shopify-video-format once inside. We will be shown the folders and files that make up your shopify online store. Look for the file theme-style. Scss. Liquid in some themes it may be named differently but they usually have a style banner-size step 2: .Product-image-container that includes the img property. Next. Once we have located the file and are inside the theme-style.Scss.Liquid file. You must look for the following line: .Product-image-container and include the img property . Shopify-logo-size step 3: .Product-image-container img and look for the object-fit: cover option for this last step we will need to have some basic knowledge about css. If you do not have knowledge we recommend that you contact an expert.

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Finally. What we have to do is edit the .Product-image-container img property and look for the object-fit: cover; option. Resize-image-shopify and we are Greece WhatsApp Number Data going to replace it with the value object-fit: container; . It should look something like this. Size-photos-products-shopify now we save the changes and refresh the page . Your images should now look the same size. If everything is correct. You will be able to see the images of your products with the same measurements. Examples of images in shopify for the images on your website you have to be clear that you must maintain equal proportionality in all parts of the website.

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 If you can change the size between different sections. It is not the same when you are already inside the product. Where the image is usually larger than Spain Whatsapp Number when you are in a category searching for products. While it is true that the maximum size that shopify allows you is 2048px x 2048px or 4.2 megapixels. It does not ask for a minimum at any time. Something that you have to worry about so that the design of your products and your website is not affected by the quality of your photographs. Format that images should have in shopify product images are used to display products across shopify sales channels. Including the online store and shopify pos.

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