Teamwork, based and supported the most advanced technical support and carried out  professionals . Who take care of all the details. The provision of kits or kitting is based Kitting, preparing from a logistical point of view on bringing together. The different components of a merchandise to equip a packed box or kit that is managed. Assembled and worked between the warehousemen. Who will arrange the product for its subsequent finishing. . It is a human, collective task in which teamwork plays a fundamental role and is supported  cutting-edge technologie.

Differences and similarities between kitting

Certain confusion occurs between the preparation of kits and the action of adding value-added services to goods or products (VAS, value-added service). Next, we will discuss some of the differences and Kitting, preparing also some of the similarities. Firstly, there are Special Database certain warehouse spaces in which production is supplied with. The raw materials necessary to develop and complete the preparation of the goods. Take the case of the production of a good widely used. The general population such as bread. In this case. The transformation of the goods is carried out with ingredients such as yeast, salt or flour that are transformed into the final product, bread. This is done using production software techniques.

Contributions from 'kitting'

This type of order preparation means that companies must dedicate time and resources from their facilities. Something that is not always clearly exposed in the collective imagination of the market. Since it is a process that is usually carried out more behind closed doors. In any case, it represents added value for the entire company and brings with it numerous new possibilities. The operational chain consists of warehouse employees BVB Directory being able to access all the materials necessary to carry out the required task in question, something that has a positive impact on the agility of finishes and a reduction in expenses.

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