Entertainment and Electronic Arts for a downloadable version of the new Nissan to be releas on the same day he will reveal the car to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show. Nissan deliberately chose different video games because these tend to be play by a group of passionate car enthusiasts who understand Japanese history. shows that the auto industry must shift its massive ad spend to other channels in order to successfully reach its customers. The automaker has struck deals with various game developers over the years, but this time Nissan went a step further.

Most importantly Nissan’s strategy

The manufacturer work closely with and to coordinate the release of the current model. Nissan has deliberately leak some details about the car Costa Rica Email List on the Internet and has given Sony and Officials provid some prototypes for test drives.  are committ to complete secrecy. In photos that can be seen online, the vehicle is still in camouflage. Give Ne for Spe ​​players a chance to try out the prototype before release. However, the final design of the has not yet been releas. Finally, it will be available for download without the camouflage pattern during its launch at the Tokyo Motor Show. A few weeks after the Tokyo Motor Show, Japan’s new video game, Ne for Spe: , was due to be releas. Here, stylistically known as the hero car.

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All those involv in the project

Each year a hero car is select for players of the racing game series to obtain. The hero car will then appear in game packaging as well as print and BVB Directory TV campaigns.  (a Sony subsidiary) that wrote the world-renown racing simulation game , to develop designs for navigation and vehicle monitors that can display vehicle-specific data in real time. The on-board computer has the same aesthetic and futuristic design as the user interface in a video game. Nissan’s current top model has become one.

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