International usage the terms undercover marketing or stealth advertising are often us synonymously. Stealth advertising is often us if the method of product placement is describ, surreptitious marketing, on the other hand, if word-of- groups is at the heart of the measure. Classification of Stealth Marketing Classification of Stealth Marketing Goals of Stealth Marketing The core goals of Stealth Marketing are to: Create attention and interest in a product or company Influence consumers during the evaluation phase of a product or service One point is especially important on the topic of stealth marketing.

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Because customers are unaware of their exposure to advertising measures, variable stimulus filtering, systems responsible forĀ  our perception depending Jordan Email List on the situation are not activat, which leads to increas attention and processing of hidden messages in stealth campaigns. As a result, the customer develop a more positive attitude towards the advertis product and was more willing to make a recommendation since he did not attribute the change in attitude to the advertis measure. Opportunities and Risks of Stealth Marketing Stealth marketing offers a number of opportunities for advertising agencies, however, it also comes with high risks. Before planning a covert operation, companies should understand the.

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Risks and possible consequences. Stealth marketing BVB Directory measures can be quickly identifi by sensitive target groups and lead to defensive reactions and failure of marketing campaigns even before the advertising message is successfully distribut. : Opportunity: Risk Tends to be cheaper than traditional advertising Tends to create trust Customers start a snowball effect among consumers Acquiring new customers Think stealth marketing is insidious Moral boundaries A considerable weakness of stealth marketing is that the success of the advertisement cannot be precisely plann or measur beforehand or afterwards. This also applies to the prictability of campaign scope, contact volume and effectiveness Therefore.

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