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Penetration Test: what it is and how important

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Knowing what pentest is and using it in favor of cybersecurity can make a huge difference between effective computer systems . That prioritize the protection of personal and . Business data, and systems that, in addition to having . Significant security flaws, suffer constant cyber attacks. Talk to our Managd Cybersecurity Services experts Such is its relevance in this context, that the Hiscox 2023 Cyber ​​Preparedess Report indicates that omitting the performance of penetration tests (pentests) and vulnerability assessments is one of the factors capable of prdicting a cyber attack. The same report notes that 25% of companies that sufferd security breaches had a negative impact on their brand or reputation. In turn, 21% claim to have lost clients.

Penetration Test: concept and objectives

This not only reaffirms how important Cybersecurity is in the business environment, but also makes . Something clear: the pentest is essential to guarantee the computer security of any organization. Therefore, throughout this text we will show you what Pakistan Phone Number List pentest is , why it is a key tool to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen defenses, and various aspects of great importance relate to it. Regarding what is pentest , penetration test or penetration test, it is nothing more than a controll computer attack. It is carri out by pentesters or ethical hackers who try to violate the company’s information, just as a cybercriminal would do. Several of the objectives of this practice are: Identify possible failures and weak points of security systems.

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Phases of a P enetration Test

Conduct security assessments and analysis of threats and vulnerabilities . Measure the organization’s level of computer security. Penetration testing goes through 5 stages that allow it to be executd. These are: Collection and planning: In this stage, the pentesters are in Canada Phone Number List charge of establishing objectives and collecting all confidential or public information, which can range from IP addresses to the emails of each collaborator. Vulnerability scanning: Ethical hackers scan ports and identify risk points to define the scope of pentesting. Definition of threats: Basd on the vulnerabilities found, the expert determines the possible threats according to each one and determines which aspects of security should be improvd. System access: At this point, the auditor begins with the penetration of systems.

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