Mail to the voter starting on the thirty-fourth day after the call and before the sixth. Day before the vote the ballots and electoral envelopes together with the certificate mentione. Above including an envelope with the address of the. Table where you should vote as well as an explanatory sheet. The voter must personally sign the receipt notice to confirm receipt of the documentation. The Electoral Census and if he is not at his home he will be informed that he must pick up the documentation at the corresponding Post Office after proving his identity.

Once the voter has selected

Completed the ballot he she places it in the voting envelope closes it and repeats. The process for each election called if applicable and then includes the voting. Envelopes and the certificate in the addressed envelope. to the Board a. nd send it by certified mail before the third day prior to the elections without requiring postage. In any case the Postal Whatsapp Number List Service keeps the correspondence addressed to the Polling Stations until the day of the vote and transfers it to the Polling Stations at nine in the morning.

In addition the entity continues

Deliver any correspondence received until eight in the afternoon of the same day. The Postal Service maintains a record of all documentation received which is available to the Electoral Boards. Envelopes received after eight in the afternoon on voting day are sent to the Zone Electoral Board. Taking into account the above it must be highlighted that article . of the Organic Law of the General BVB Directory Electoral Regime regulates the crime of violation of the procedures for voting by mail by providing that the individual who violates the procedures established for voting by mail will be punished.

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