Image size for Search How to optimize your website’s images size ? When we talk about how to improve our online rankings, we tend to focus on keywords, page load speed, user interface, meta descriptions, etc. As a result, most of our attention is focused on words or, more broadly, content. But having an idea is as important as the content. can affect your ranking. However, content is much more than words on a page it is also images. Take the simple fact that blog posts with images have a higher view rate. As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words.

The size of your website images

How to improve Google rankings, what Haiti B2B List should be the image size of a website, how to optimize the image size of a website But it also loads about a thousand words: this is a fact that too many SEO experts cannot understand. , they can slow your website to a snail’s pace, dragging you down. Additionally, images provide another avenue to attract people to your website. After all, more than % of U.S. web searches happen on Google Images, according to data. We are answering all related questions and aspects of image SEO: How to optimize image size for a website How big should images for a website be? How to compress image files to make your images mobile-friendly.

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When image files are too large

How to Optimize Image Size for Your  for BVB Directory engaging content Few of us, but the most dedicated of us, can sit through a solid wall of text. Images keep things interesting! Choose images carefully Whether it’s a photograph, illustration, or diagram, think about how it fits into the flow of the page. You shouldn’t overdo it either. A few images add flavor; too many are overwhelming. Once you have your selected images, you need to name them. Filenames for images should be common sense. If it’s a photo of people on a bridge, don’t name it choose.

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