Are you interest in the Certifi Product Manager certification course? Then give us a call We’re here for you on Day of the Annual Marketing Conference Recap / – ( tickets) Practically everyone in the industry should be taking notice by now. is everything. Reason enough to visit a content marketing conference . With great expectations we went to Volkenburg in Cologne, a well chosen venue. At breakfast, the atmosphere was great and socializing was in full swing. After the reinforcement, we went to the lecture room, which was fill with about – audience members, but not yet full. And then it start: making the most of his role as moderator.

These days content marketing

He start with an introduction that was more substantial than some of the lectures that follow. Content marketing – not if but how was the motto of the day, and the host also offer how: In his view, grit, ability and technique are the core marketing. The North Korea Email List first demo comes from an Enterprise Story Architect and itorial Change Manager(). He starts with a good derivation of why content marketing is always story marketing. You can find out more about storytelling here. Beautiful graphics, music, and a narrator reciting a corporate philosophy are not enough to make a good story. Instead, stories must always contain an element of surprise that brings about change. Siemens itself through activities.

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Made it happen, stories told by people who have benefit from Siemens technology. At the end of this very interesting presentation, Mr. shar some tips with the audience (unfortunately they were not available that day): Listen: company? Where did you mention it? What is the target group interest in? Be consistent: keep it real, keep questioning and BVB Directory improving yourself, keep monitoring. Let it go: Dare to experiment and accept trial and error as the norm. _ A participant’s tweet probably best describes the following: Stay tun. We’ll continue after a short commercial break The founder.

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