Tags Participate in the Trending Topics Survey of the Year! In its still young years, one word has become indispensable in the German economy: business development. More and more companies are integrating this discipline into their structures to positively and sustainably influence the company’s development. There are good reasons for a large-scale study on this topic, in which a comprehensive picture of business development in the German economy is creat. a business development manager, you can make a significant contribution to understanding this trending topic by attending by / / . In addition as a Business.

If you are also actively working as

Development Manager, you will receive a new Palau Email List impetus for position assessments and day-to-day work. You will only receive the first results of your research by email, ensuring yourself an intellectual ge! Take our survey now! Objectives of the study want to use the survey to screen out whether business development was still a more sales-orient topic in previous years, or whether product and market orientation has acquir or is becoming more important. In addition to this central goal, one should understand how important the topic is in the company, how it is organiz, and how it differs between different companies and industries.

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Two perspectives for anĀ  questionnaire BVB Directory for this study is divid into two central areas, in order to create as accurate an image as possible: The company’s business development What is the current and future importance of the company’s business development? Which departments are involv in the business development process? What are the company’s priorities or main goals? Is business development a necessary process to compete? Are business development activities controll? What are the requirements for a business development manager job? What specific tasks does a business development manager undertake tools do you.

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