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Carry out the IT Due Diligence Process effectively

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The IT due diligence process is responsible for evaluating and discovering performance, responsibilities, key threats and opportunities in terms of Information Technology, as well as possible investment needs associated with this area. Talk to our IT Due Diligence and IT Integrations experts This is carried out, first of all , to guarantee a better assessment of an IT structure. From this analysis, it is possible to reinforce the mitigation of possible risks and understand if the target infrastructure has what it takes to help the company achieve its strategic goals. In this way, it becomes a key element for the purchasing company during an acquisition project, as well as for making decisions related to potential commercial and corporate mergers. But what really is an IT due diligence process and how to implement it? Next,

Due Diligence in IT: What is it and what is its importance?

we delve into the topic. IT due intelligence, also known as “IT due diligence process “, encompasses a set of systematic acts of review and evaluation of the strategy of this area and the resources available in it. In general terms, when applying due intelligence, your “3 P’s” should be considered: Personnel, Processes and Privacy Controls. If we take this principle to the IT field, this includes the analysis of the architecture, the application portfolio, the infrastructure, the personnel contracts of this department and the procedures and security of IT, and even the financial information linked to it. field. Under this process, it is possible to identify elements of interest for risk management , such as: Possible contingencies ; Risks; Key opportunities; Possible obsolescence of the IT platform or its level of update; Costs and financial impacts; Feasibility of integration of IT and

IT due diligence process in a company: What are the 6 key areas?

Information and Communication Technologies ( ICT ) in general. Why is due diligence necessary in the IT area? IT and business are becoming increasingly intertwined. Today, businesses depend on Information Technology to support business operations, manage transactions and enable new opportunities. However, many due diligence projects lack the emphasis and synergies required in the IT research process , which opens the way to threats associated with privacy violations and even operational inefficiency due to poor technological infrastructure. , among other potential risks . In general, the IT due diligence process looks at 6 areas of a company, and each of these must answer a critical question from an IT Manager to verify that there is good health in the infrastructure of this sector. The areas of analysis are the following: IT Strategy and

Business Application : How is IT governed as a strategic component of business operations and growth? Leadership or staff roles and capability that designs and operates for pri

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