The world of Human Resources is not limited only. To the management of people and daily tasks such as time control and absence management. The repeal of the impact on companies labor reform is one of those events that impact the regulations in the world of work. And that promise to have a huge impact on the business world. What is the repeal of the labor reform ? The repeal of the labor reform or, rather, the counter-labor reform. Is a new proposal that was born from the government, to modify the law passed in. Which gave order to the legal regime that administers the management of the world of work. Although the modifications introduced are important, fortunately, they. Do not completely alter the business or human management as we know it until now. This new measure arises with the purpose of benefiting the hiring of workers.

Modification of temporary contracts

In large part, the motivation for the reform lies in strengthening what is impact on companies known as that is, job stability. For this reason, temporary contracts are reduced, with contracts for works or services disappearing. There will only be Fax Lists two types of temporary contracts: Structural: will respond to the circumstances of the production and replacement of another worker (interim). Its duration will be a maximum of six months and can be extended to twelve. Training: it will be a kind of equivalent to the internship contract. It contemplates alternating training (combines work and training), and the acquisition of professional practice. These types of contracts also disappear from the public administration.

Promotion of permanent contracts

One of the objectives of the repeal of the labor reform is to promote full employment. Putting an end to temporary employment that often leads to job insecurity. For this BVB Directory reason, the new regulations plan to encourage. The creation of discontinuous permanent contracts, including for seasonal or jobs. In this context, the sanctioning regime that falls on companies imposes. Strong monetary sanctions on temporary employment. On the other hand, temporary contracts whose duration is less than days. Will have an extra Social Security contribution. Basically, a fixed rate will be taken into account for each existing contract. Which will be equivalent to three times the fee established for common contingencies. Fraudulent temporary contracts, those that occur after several irregular concatenations. 

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