Account legal aspects as brand value can only be attribut to the owner of the trademark rights. The standards provide for the assessment of the legal protection of trademarks under national law. Furthermore,  positively or negatively affect brand value must be discuss. Special mention is made of the uniqueness, scope and extent of use of points, as well as the degree of awareness and risk of deletion. The resulting criteria for brand evaluation conclusions is an important step towards making brand evaluation more uniform and therefore more meaningful.

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These norms ensure that all relevant aspects Greenland Email List are consider when evaluating a brand and that individual aspects are not simply forgotten. very open-end. There is no universally applicable model, but rather a large number of processes and methods. Therefore, brand value can continue to be design to be very flexible, but this can also lead to differences in brand value. However, since brand valuation includes more than just objectively measurable value, this doesn’t really matter. Therefore, it is very meaningful to carry out brand evaluation according to the standard in the future. Are you interest in brand evaluation against criteria? As a little help, we’ve creat a checklist that you can download here: Download Checklist.

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You can find more information about your BVB Directory brand assets here. If you have any questions about brand valuation and brand management, we are here to support you! The new concept of Marketing Day in Cologne has proven itself! , you read that right, it is already the th! We are delight to receive so many guests each year. When the first guests enter the event room, everything is ready. The certification mark is at hand, the booth is set up, the venue is ready, the technology is in place, and the coffee smell.

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