So if you don’t have tracking on your website yet, I recommend you install it. You can find tracking by going to Plugins Add New Item search and installing the top result. Activate the plugin and go to its settings page. Select Show Advanced Settings and you will see a table called Custom Variable Settings. All you need to do is select the author name and click the update button. There are many other tracking options here, such as tags, categories, and year of publication. on while you’re there, as you may find uses for this data later; be ready and waiting.

Your code should now look

Better to wait than nothing! Hardcoding If you have tracking hardcod into your website, you can make a quick and easy edit to enable author Phone Number Database tracking. This example assumes your tracking code is in a file. You can edit this file by going to the Appearance Editor and selecting the file from the list on the right. Your code should look like this: Insert the following code between the two lines starting with: Author  like this: Select Update File and you’re done. If you care about what this paragraph does, please note: it checks whether the current page is a blog post.

The only thing I need to note

Get the author name and then print the custom variable using the code that inserts the author name. If you don’t use If you don’t, you’ll generally Cambodia Phone Number need to populate and print (parse) custom variables in markup using whatever server-side language you’re using. It should be in the same location as shown in the example above. The lines you need to write look like this: here is that the first one represents the custom variable slot you use for this information. (Analysis) gives you slots, so if you use other custom variables, make sure you use the same slot.

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